The City of Compton is known around the world for birthing talent that has influenced America in the areas of culture and arts, business, academia, sports, and beyond. It has been an honor to serve as the Mayor of the great City of Compton for the past four years. I am proud to present this website as a communications tool for residents, businesses and all who wish to know about our progress in Compton by highlighting my mayoral priorities through my 12-Point Plan Vision for Compton.

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Meet Aja Brown

In 2013, Compton voters elected Aja Brown Mayor.

At 31, Mayor Brown was an experienced community development professional with over 10 years of experience working in urban communities. Mayor Brown has dedicated her career to initiating change in disadvantaged communities. and is a strategic visionary focused on progress. She has built a legacy of developing and implementing public policies to facilitate guided growth and protect community assets.


New public safety programs aimed at reducing crime including Federal Violence Reduction Network
New companies doing business in Compton including Fortune 500’s UPS, adding to our tax revenues.
Decrease in Compton’s unemployment thanks in part to a 35% local hiring ordinance
Residential streets improved including Central Ave. Measure P funds will ensure even more

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